Natural Conolidine Innovation Announced!

Natural Conolidine Innovation Announced!

Winters Biotechnology


Alpharetta, GA. January 07, 2022

Winters Biotechnology has announced patent filings for CONO1000™, a novel dietary ingredient featuring the conolidine alkaloid formulated for natural pain relief.

For years, Conolidine, a naturally occurring alkaloid found inside the bark of the Tabernaemontana divaricata tree, has been studied for its ability to relieve pain.

It was initially investigated in 2011 after being compared therapeutically to morphine without exhibiting side effects or addiction risk in rat models.

In 2019, Australian scientists discovered it had similar pain-killing modalities as CBD. 

Then in early 2021, scientists reconfirmed its ability to significantly relieve chronic pain as they pinpointed its ability to affect the ACKR3/CXCR7 receptor

However, until recently, most scientific innovation has centered around isolating and synthesizing conolidine for an eventual pharmaceutical application. 

However, Clint Winters and Winters Biotechnology have been studying natural conolidine extractions since 2017 in hopes of developing a novel natural ingredient. 

Earlier this year, they announced patents on a novel nutrient extraction system named the DualPolar™ extraction method, which is used to create a full-spectrum extraction of Tabernaemontana divaricata.

Clint Winters, now considered the world’s leading authority on natural conolidine, had this to say about the innovation.

“Conolidine has been incredibly intriguing to me since I first read the initial pain relief research. I have worked very hard to develop a natural version. From day 1, I knew this innovation was special as it could provide safe and powerful relief to millions struggling with daily pain. My firm and I took a much different approach than other scientists. I focused on creating a full-spectrum natural extraction of Tabernaemontana divaricata. After nearly three years of research, I am proud to show CONO1000™ to the world.”

Thanks to the DualPolar™ extraction method, Winters Biotechnology has successfully developed a full-spectrum alkaloid extraction.

CONO1000™ not only includes the conolidine alkaloid, but it also includes 65 other naturally occurring alkaloids found in this potent medicinal plant.

This innovation means that the potent conolidine alkaloid can finally be accessed in a natural state. 

Clint Winters went on to say,

“I truly believe CONO1000™ is the future of safe and natural pain relief. In tests, we have been able to develop sublingual and topical applications with extraordinary efficacy. I have watched this powerful ingredient dramatically change lives in our private tests. I am excited to watch it help millions in the years to come as it becomes available worldwide.”

Currently, CONO1000™ is the first and only natural conolidine ingredient available in the world. 

Since it is not synthetic, it will not require a prescription, making it available immediately. 

Winters Biotechnology is currently in discussions with multiple leading manufacturers regarding the production and distribution of CONO1000™.

This novel ingredient should be available worldwide by 2022 in all major world markets. 

Additionally, Winters Biotechnology is slated to release enhanced versions of CONO1000™ within the next twelve months as support ingredients are identified. 

You can learn more about Clint Winters, Winters Biotechnology and CONO1000™ by visiting

Winters Biotechnology is a medical innovation firm based in Alpharetta, GA. The company is wholly owned by Private Equity Firm Winters Capital Investments and was founded by medical scientist, entrepreneur, entertainment figure, and investor Clint Winters. The firm focuses on creating unique dietary ingredients and innovative nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing methods that manufacturers can license. 

In addition to the CONO1000™ patent filing, Mr. Winters has also filed two patents with the conolidine alkaloid natural pain killer and an additional patent in relation to the enhancement of CBD.

The firm is currently developing two novel drug delivery mechanisms that will be under patent by the end of the year.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Winters developed and patented a non-thermal infrared technology that is now being used for accelerated healing and pain relief.


Winters Biotechnology 


You can read the PDF version of this press release here.


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