Patent Pending Sirtuin 1™ is a compelling anti-aging ingredient intended to bolster the cellular system to achieve and maintain cell homeostasis, as well as potentially protecting from further Oxidative Stress to the cells.1 Sirtuin 1™ is a liquid extraction of a potent botanical containing both Resveratrol and Trans Resveratrol, and when combined with our proprietary liquid formula, it has the potential to truly disrupt how we think of cellular health and aging in the human body. With high levels of Resveratrol, Sirtuin 1™ is a science backed proprietary blend that has the potential to dramatically assist in fighting off free radicals, helping to maintain and balance cellular redox, and fighting overall signs of aging.1 Utilizing Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum), Sirtuin 1™ is primed to support your body’s own natural ability to defend against oxidative stress.2 Sirtuin 1™ is a safe and natural ingredient that has the potential to upend the anti-aging market. Most ingredients containing Resveratrol struggle to make it bioavailable. Our patent pending extraction method aims to increase the bioavailability of all components put though the method. Sirtuin 1™ is no different, and it is a novel liquid proprietary blend that can be utilized across multiple Supplemental (Dietary) and even Over-The-Counter (OTC) applications.


Patent Pending Proprietary Blend

Natural and Novel Anti-Aging Support

Easy Supplemental Applications

Highly Bioavailable

Formulated for Lipophilic Applications

How It Works

Using the highest natural concentration of Resveratrol (Japanese Knotweed) known, Sirtuin 1™ works by traveling through mucous membranes in the oral mucosa, as well as the gastrointestinal tract.

Sirtuin 1™ is an expertly formulated ingredient, in that it not only assists your body’s natural ability to fight off free radicals and potentially reduce signs of aging all over the body, but does so much more quickly because of its novel, patent pending extraction method.

Your body is constantly trying to reach a place of cellular homeostasis, or a place where everything is flowing naturally and without issue. Free radicals, like UV radiation and Oxidative Stress can wreak havoc on homeostasis, so it is necessary to have a measure of cellular protection.

Resveratrol has been shown to work as an antioxidant and has also been linked to a balancing of the cellular redox system. 3 When the cellular redox system is balanced, cell homeostasis may be met, and your cells can transfer needed materials with greater ease.

Route of administration


In its oral applications, Sirtuin 1™ has the potential to travel into the body via the mucous membranes in the oral mucosa, as well as the GI tract, allowing it to break down and provide its antioxidative support. 4 This is possible due to the use of our proprietary extraction method which allows for relatively fast absorption of compounds that may not be generally as effective with standard GI ingestion.

Why is Sirtuin 1™ unique?

Sirtuin 1™ is unique in that it takes a powerful ingredient, then supercharges it with extraction technology, small batch production and meticulous research and development. Sirtuin 1™ has the potential to support the body’s natural oxidative stress response using safe and tested components. Sirtuin 1™ is truly novel, not only in its production technology, which has been known to enhance absorbability, but also with the speed in which it supports the body’s ability to ensure cellular stasis. 


Japanese Knotweed

(Polygonum cuspidatum) liquid extract

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