About SubNano™

One of Winters Biotechnology’s true points of pride is our bioavailability and deliverability technologies. So many supplements suffer from the curse of poor deliverability, rendering them half as powerful at best in most instances. Winters Biotechnology works with many lipophilic phytochemicals that require not only a way to get through the lipid barrier, but also a method to reach its destination and provide supplemental assistance in a swift and significant manner.

To this point, we have worked tirelessly to develop novel extraction and formulation methods that can enhance the bioavailability of these phytochemicals by almost 2,000% in some cases. A supplement product is only as good as its ability to reach the cardiovascular system, and in some cases transverse the blood-brain barrier, while ensuring a strong and potent serving is delivered in full to the body.

Current ingredient formulations are expertly pinpointed, using a proprietary blend of solvents and oils, to support your body’s natural cell permeability as well as decrease barrier resistance in your cells. SubNano™ technology has been fine tuned to assist supplemental applications in penetrating cell membranes and allowing for greater deliverability and bioavailability.

In addition, certain botanicals have the impressive ability to increase deliverability and bioavailability in supplemental and cosmetic applications. When used in conjunction with SubNano™ technology, these botanicals can help to create applications that are immensely more deliverable and bioavailable, potentially boosting the absorption rate up to 200% more than with conventional delivery methods.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.