Here at Winters Biotechnology, we are dedicated to creating intelligent, novel and effective innovations in the personal health industry. Along with creating our own patented blends and technologies, our mission is ensuring that high quality, state of the art ingredients are continuously entered into the market in the safest manner possible. Focusing on GMP certified facilities, Winters Biotechnology can provide well researched, vetted and tested ingredients for companies to use in their end use products along with technologies meant to increase their efficacy and potency. We pride ourselves on finding the most natural pathways to creating these effective products as well, and we will continue to stay true to the amazing ingredients we’re able to amplify.


At Winters Biotechnology, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of deliverability, absorption and ingredients. Our in-house Research and Development team will assess the current market, find what is in demand, and tirelessly work to develop an effective and safe ingredient that anyone would be proud to use in their formulation. Our team remains up to date on current codes of Federal Regulation to ensure that the ingredients we produce are not only ground-breaking but GMP compliant and GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), allowing for peace of mind while deploying the most effective product possible.


From here, Winters Biotechnology’s process for licensing ingredients is straightforward and simple. Once you have chosen an ingredient you wish to learn more about or to use in your formulation, just reach out to us and our team will walk you through the entire process ensuring you get the right type, amount and strength of the ingredient you have interest in. We will also work with you in regard to TMLA processes, making sure the process is as understandable and easy as possible.