About TransNano™

One of Winters Biotechnology’s true points of pride is our absorption and deliverability technologies. So many cosmetic applications suffer from poor or inadequate absorption and less than desirable scents, rendering them either ineffective, unnaturally greasy or unpleasant to use. Winters Biotechnology works with many lipophilic phytochemicals that are able to get through the lipid barrier, and along with our proprietary blend of solvents, maximize ease of use, assist in application and offer a pleasant aromatic experience.


To this point, we have worked tirelessly to develop cutting edge extraction and formulation methods that can enhance the availability of these phytochemicals by almost 2,000% in some cases. While Cosmetic ingredients generally possess no claims, ours are no exception, here at Winters Biotechnology we believe that the best cosmetic ingredient is the one given the same amount of care as a Dietary Supplement ingredient. This outlook on Cosmetic ingredient manufacturing has led us to produce some of the most novel and complex formulations on the market.


Current ingredient formulations are expertly pinpointed, using a proprietary blend of solvents, essential oils and carrier oils, to support your body’s natural cell permeability as well as potentially decreasing the barrier resistance in your cells. TransNano™ technology has been fine tuned to assist Cosmetic applications by helping to create an ingredient that has incredible ease of use and less of the traditional negative markers of Cosmetic ingredients, like greasiness, unnatural ingredients or poor absorption.


In addition, certain botanicals have been shown to increase deliverability and absorption in cosmetic applications. When used in conjunction with TransNano™ technology, these botanicals can help to create applications that are immensely more absorbable and pleasant to use. On top of that, these botanicals can potentially boost absorption rates of the skin up to 200% more than with conventional delivery methods.

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