CONO1000™: Your Answer For Natural Relief

A liquid extraction produced using the DualPolar™ Solvent technology, this versatile ingredient can be applied to Supplements and Cosmetics

Tabernaemontana divaricata (Crepe Jasmine) is a perennial pinwheel bush that can be found all across the globe. Containing the much anticipated and studied alkaloid, Conolidine, more and more pain studies are being performed daily reaffirming that this compound has the ability to work as a natural substitute for traditional pain medicines.

Produced in conjunction with SubNano™ technology to increase Bioavailability and Absorbability, CONO1000™ is geared for fast-acting relief.

CONO1000™ is produced in the strictest GMP conditions allowing for the safest, most effective and clean ingredients to be entered into commerce.