About DualPolar™

The absolute backbone of Winters Biotechnology’s deliverability technologies, DualPolar™ extraction is what truly sets our ingredients apart from the rest. 

We set out to create natural, scientifically-backed and perhaps most importantly, absorbable ingredients for the Dietary Supplement market, and the extraction method was one of the areas we were determined to advance while staying true to the traditional process of liquid extraction.


We’ve found that with Dietary Supplements, obtaining the most nutritious and fulfilling ingredients requires what’s called a full-spectrum extraction. A vast majority of the ingredients manufactured at Winters Biotechnology contain components that are known to be beneficial in more than one way, and we wanted to optimize that instead of focusing on a single phytochemical.


As a result, the Research and Development team bombarded themselves with data for over 7 years to locate, analyze and test industry leading and cutting edge solvents used in the production of liquid extractions.


Each test pinpointed, in finer and finer detail, what the best combinations of solvents and science would be in order to achieve our goal of a highly bioavailable ingredient. 

With that, DualPolar™ was born, and the way we produce and approach ingredients for manufacturing of Dietary Supplements has never been more exciting for the consumer or the market. As a result of this market disruption, traditional avenues of dispersal like gastrointestinal digestion are beginning to become less and less attractive to consumers and manufacturers.


At present, every botanical liquid extract ingredient offered by Winters Biotechnology employs our patent pending DualPolar™ extraction method, and we continue to strive and innovate in order to create continuously efficacious ingredients.

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