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Clint WInters

Winters Biotechnology was founded by medical scientist Clint Winters.

He is best known for his invention of the natural conolidine pain reliever.

His journey into medical science was a personal one.

His entrepreneurial career began at the early age of 23 when he founded his first company in the digital travel booking niche.

However, the stress of early success took its toll on Mr. Winters who put his health on the back burner and gained nearly 150 pounds over a three year stretch. This weight gain culminated into a health crisis surrounding his heart and blood sugar.

Using his scientific expertise and a variety of natural methods Mr. Winters was able to drop all of the extra pounds and get into the best shape of his life.

This experience was the motivation for his career move into the medical sciences.

Winters Biotechnology

Winter’s Biotechnology was founded in 2010.

For the past 14 years the firm has invented, perfected, and licensed innovative natural health technologies to manufacturers across the globe.


Since 2015 Winters Biotechnology has invented dozens of proprietary ingredients that are now used all over the world.

Today, Mr. Winters and Winters Biotechnology is considered a world leader in the field of anti-aging and dietary supplements. Using his protocols (at 42) he is stronger and leaner than he was in his twenties. 


Recently Winters Biotechnology has expanded into the topical applications with the invention of Cell Protect, a proprietary technology that increases skin absorption by nearly 3,000%.

Breakthrough Technologies

PureInfrared™ Technology

The journey began with the invention of PureInfrared™, a novel non-thermal FAR infrared technology that promotes increased healing and pain relief on contact. Today, this technology is used in various wearable medical applications.

Dietary Supplement Innovations

In 2015, Clint and his team ventured into inventing novel dietary supplement ingredients. This led to the invention of the DualPolar™ nutrient extraction method, a breakthrough in liquid dietary supplements. This technology allows for the extraction of fragile active ingredients from raw powder food, creating highly bioavailable sublingual formulas. It has resulted in several dietary supplement breakthroughs.

Conolidine: A Natural Pain Reliever

Conolidine Inventor

Notably, Clint Winters is the first medical scientist and inventor behind “natural conolidine,” a powerful pain reliever that compares to opioids without any side effects or addiction risk. This formula, sold under the trade name Conolidine CONOCB2,

To date it has helped millions of everyday Americans and thousands of professional athletes battle pain without drugs. 

Several million bottles of dietary supplements are manufactured annually using technologies created by Winters Biotechnology.

Articles about Winters Biotechnology have appeared on almost every major television network including NBC, ABC, and FOX.